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Salon Bliss is the perfect destination for all of your beauty needs! We specialize in color, blonding, and hair extension treatments as well as natural nail treatments. Let us spoil you with luxurious services that will make sure you leave feeling blissfully beautiful.

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Our team of stylists has a wide range of experience and demand for their time, so the price you pay will reflect that. Whether it's coloring, highlighting, or extensions, prices listed are a 'starting rate' but may change based on your hair length and thickness plus any special treatments such as olaplex or toners. To avoid any miscommunication - and ensure your dream looks can be achieved - we always recommend booking a Color Consultation before any major color changes. 


Get your hair looking its absolute best - bold and shiny! Our color services make it easy to perfect the look you desire; whether covering those pesky grey hairs, or going for an all over change. Prices vary per stylist but whichever one you choose will create results that are sure to impress!


Retouch & Haircut $120+

Retouch & Gloss (All Over Color) $120+

Retouch, Gloss & Haircut $145+

Retouch & Accent Highlight $120+

Retouch & Accent & Haircut $145+


Achieve your perfect look with our range of highlighting and blonding services, tailored to fit the style you desire. Our prices are dependent upon your chosen stylist's expertise and the end goal - ensuring a beautiful result every time!

Accent (Mini Highlight) $130+

Accent & Haircut $150+

Refresh (Partial Highlight) $150+

Refresh & Haircut $190+

Signature (Full Highlight) 190+

Signature & Haircut $225+

Premier (Global Blonding) $280+

Premier & Haircut $320+

Haircuts & Style

Haircut, Wash & Blowout $55+

Dry Haircut/Clipper Haircut $35+

Blowout (Wash & Blow-dry) $45+

Signature Style (Wash, Blow-dry & Curls/Flat Iron) $55+

Updo/Formal Style $100+

Hair Enhancements & Treatments

Add on: Olaplex $30+

Add on: Gloss $30+

Add on: Mask $20+

Corrective & Speicialty Color 

New Look $280+

If one of the color or blonding services listed above doesn't sound quite right for you, you may be in need of a larger transformation. The New look service provides more time allowing you to get closer to your hair goals in one appointment.

Custom Correction $460+

Not sure what you need? Do you have box color or fashion colors you would like removed? Are you looking for a total transformation? Safe color removal is a process, let's spend the day together and get you where you want to go. *Color Consultation Highly Recommended Before Scheduling*

Fashion Colors $300+

Bright pinks, purples, blues, etc.. *Color Consultation REQUIRED before booking*

Smoothing Treatments

Brazillian Smoothing Treatment $275+

A customizable smoothing treatment that improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. This treatment has no downtime. The minute you leave the salon you can immediately wash your hair, exercise, and put it in a ponytail or clip. Results last up to 12 weeks with proper care.

Peter Coppola Smoothing Treatment $340+

Embrace your natural texture, and define curls and waves, while minimizing frizz and maintaining the natural bounce and body that makes your hair beautiful. Gently tame and smooth any hair type with a formaldehyde and aldehyde-free formula. Results last up to three months with proper care.

Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment $275+


Shellac Manicure $40

Shellac French Manicure $45

Classic Manicure $35

Spa Manicure $45

Ultimate Manicure $50


Classic Pedicure $55

Spa Pedicure $65

Ultimate Pedicure $75

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