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Prices vary based on stylist.

Haircut, Wash & Blowout

Includes shampoo, condition, haircut and blow dry style.

$50 - $95+

Spa Haircut with Wash and Blowout

Includes shampoo with extended massage and deep conditioning treatment with haircut and blow-dry style.

$62 - $120+

Haircut & Wash

Includes shampoo, condition and haircut, no blow-drying or styling.

$40 - $75+

Dry Haircut

A dry haircut does NOT include a wash and style, you must come in with clean, dry, ready to cut hair. A dry haircut cannot be done when getting more than one inch cut off or getting a whole new haircut/style. This is also not recommended for curly hair.

$30 - $50+

Clipper Haircut

$30 - $50+

Blissful Blowout

Includes shampoo, light condition and round brush blow-dry style. NO HOT TOOLS

$40 - $75+

Signature Styling

Includes shampoo, blow-dry, and curling iron or flat iron styling.

$50 - $95+


Special event styling. Does not include a shampoo and blowout.

$65 - $95+