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Don’t Stress Over Hair Shedding - Know What’s Normal and What Isn’t!

Hair loss and shedding can often cause worry and distress, but the truth is that everyone sheds hair EVERY DAY. If you know what to look for, it can help you determine whether or not your hair shedding is normal or abnormal. Let’s break down the differences between normal and abnormal hair shedding so you can be better informed.

Normal Hair Shedding

Normal hair shedding is completely natural and nothing to be concerned about. On average, people shed around 30-75 hairs per day. Everyone experiences hair loss differently, so if you are losing more than 75 hairs per day, that could still be considered normal. Some days could be slightly more than others but what you are looking for is that overall, it is usually the same amount of shedding day over day. A normal amount of shedding should not be very noticeable.

Abnormal Hair Shedding

Conversely, abnormal hair shedding should not go unnoticed. Abnormal patterns include losing 100-300 hairs per day as well as running your fingers through your hair and finding 30+ hairs in your hands each time. Clogging drains with excessive amounts of loose hairs or seeing more than usual on your pillow, clothes, brush - these are all signs of abnormal shedding that should be taken seriously.

What should you do if you notice abnormal shedding?

First, consult your doctor and inform your hairstylist at your next appointment. Your doctor can start with some simple blood tests to make sure that your nutrient levels such as vitamin D and iron are normal, and that thyroid and hormone levels are where they should be. If all of that checks out we can move into topical treatments such as hair loss shampoos or scalp treatments and explore other options in hair supplements, all of these options can be found at Salon Bliss!

It's important to remember that some amount of hair shedding is normal; however, if your daily routine involves an excessive number of lost strands then it could be time to take action. If you find yourself experiencing any of these signs of abnormal hair loss, then speak with a trusted health professional to discuss possible solutions or further diagnosis steps. Don't wait too long - the sooner you start treating any potential issues with your hair loss the better!

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